Anti-age oil for dry skin 30 ml

Anti-age oil for dry skin 30 ml

Anti-age oil for dry skin 30 ml by Ikarov

Prevents skin aging through long-term moisturizing, nourishing and neutralizing free radicals. Natural silicone, extracted from the mountain bamboo, has got the unique property to create a network on the skin. It is mostly felt on the wrinkle zones. Natural silicone retains moisture and natural sebum in the skin. This complex impact keeps the skin from outer factors and makes it smooth, silk-velvety and matt.

How to apply 

SELF-MASSAGE instructions stimulates blood circulation of skin and subcutaneous tissues; as a result the metabolism is improved, puffiness is reduced and skin elasticity is increased. While performing the self-massage, all motions should be gentle, free and should follow the basic face lines. The pleasure of breathing in the phytoaromacosmetic compositions soothes the nervous system, improves your sleep and ensures your self-confidence during the following day.

With light, horizontal motions, apply the desired by you oil to low-neck, neck and face, starting from one shoulder towards the other; proceed with vertical motions beginning from your chin, cheek bones, eye contour and finish with the forehead. Go back to low-neck and with rhythmic, not very strong, sliding motions, massage for 2-3 minutes. With your right hand, stroke the left half of the neck towards the chin. Mind not to touch thyroid gland.

Perform the motion about 10 times. Set your three fingers (forefinger, middle finger and forth finger) in such a position, that the middle finger is exactly on the wrinkles line. with light, circular motions from the outer towards the inner side of the neck, massage, following the line of each wrinkle. Do this 5 times and finish with the stoking motion, shown already.

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