ACC 600mg: Breathe Easy, Live Better (10 Effervescent Tablets)

ACC 600mg: Breathe Easy, Live Better (10 Effervescent Tablets)

Unlock the power of ACC 600 mg - a pharmaceutical marvel, fueled by acetylcysteine, takes on the challenge of thinning mucus in your airways.

Why ACC 600 mg?

  • Immediate Relief: Targets bronchitis caused by a cold, providing quick relief from coughs.
  • Liquefies and Expels: Aids in the expectoration and removal of secretions, making breathing a breeze.
  • For Adolescents and Adults: Tailored for those aged 14 and above, ensuring a broad spectrum of users.
  • Antitussive Excellence: Packed with acetylcysteine, a derivative of cysteine, it's your shield against sticky discharges.

Safety First - Your Health Matters!


  • Allergies Beware: Avoid if allergic to acetylcysteine or any ingredients in the medicine.
  • No for Active Ulcers: Skip if you have active gastric or duodenal ulcers.
  • Pregnancy and Nursing: Not for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals.
  • Under 14? No ACC: Keep it away from children under 14.

Consult Before Use:

  • Skin and Mucous Changes: Talk to your doctor if you notice any changes.
  • Asthma, Ulcers, Hypersensitivity: Extra caution needed; consult your healthcare provider.
  • Lab Tests Alert: ACC might affect salicylates and urinary ketone bodies, so keep your doctor informed.

Composition that Speaks Quality:

Each tablet boasts 600 mg of acetylcysteine, complemented by a thoughtful blend of excipients for a palatable experience.

How to Dive into Respiratory Wellness:

  • Dissolve one tablet in water, sip, and feel the relief.
  • Recommended after meals for a delightful experience.
  • Unleash the Good, Tame the Bad:

Possible Side Effects:

  • Allergic Wonders: From rashes to itching, we've got your back.
  • Headache? Nausea? Not Anymore: Say goodbye to common discomforts.

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