Acetocaustin solution 0.5ml

Acetocaustin solution 0.5ml

Acetocaustin is the most effective treatment for warts, offering patients a permanent solution to the problem, due to its active ingredient (monochloroacetic acid) which only needs to be applied ONCE per week.
It is marketed in 22 countries, for over 30 years, having cured more than 8 million patients.  
Suitable for Common Warts (Verrucae vulgaris):
• As a mono-therapy
• Preceding invasive surgical procedures, for preparation of the skin
• Following invasive surgical procedures, for elimination of recurrences

Simple and easy-to-use dosing program: Only once a week – Excellent patient compliance

Instructions of use:

1. Before applying Acetocaustin, cover the healthy skin area surrounding the wart with a thick coat of adhesive protective ointment (i.e. vaseline).
2. Dab ONLY the wart with a small quantity of Acetocaustin using the built-in applicator spatula on the screw-type cap.
Duration of treatment: 2-5 weeks

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