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Aliflusin sachet 500 mg 200 mg 4 mg x 10

Aliflusin sachet 500 mg 200 mg 4 mg x 10

 Aliflusin, in its convenient sachet form, introduces a potent blend of three active components: paracetamol for pain relief and fever reduction, chlorphenamine maleate to alleviate nasal secretion, sneezing, and watery eyes, and ascorbic acid to address vitamin C deficiencies.

Crafted for the swift alleviation of flu symptoms, colds, and flu-like discomforts, Aliflusin sachets are tailored for adults and adolescents aged 15 and above. Ideal for those experiencing a combination of symptoms such as headaches, fever, sore throat, and rhinitis, this dynamic formulation ensures a targeted approach to your cold and flu challenges.

Only reach for Aliflusin when faced with the unique blend of symptoms indicating a cold and flu combination—pain, high fever, and a runny nose. Should your symptoms persist after 3 days of fever treatment or 5 days for pain (adolescents over 15 years - 3 days), or if your condition worsens, it's wise to seek prompt medical attention. Choose Aliflusin sachets for a comprehensive and effective response to your cold and flu needs.

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