Almond Oil Ikarov 55 ml

Almond Oil Ikarov 55 ml

Almond Oil Ikarov 55 ml

How It Works?

-natural emollient – retains moisture in the skin making it soft and smooth

-absorbs quickly without leaving a residue

-suitable for sensitive skin

-nourishes the roots of the hair, stimulates growth, enhances shine and flexibility of the hair

-has an anti-pollution effect, due to the added natural antioxidant protecting the skin from the free radicals and the harmful urban environment

Active Ingredients:

-almond oil

-natural rosemary extract

Suitable For:

-face, body, hair, nails

-every skin type

-all ages and the whole family

Directions For Use:

For everyday use. Apply small amount on clean skin before or instead of cream. Can be used alone, added to face masks and cosmetic products, or used as a base for dissolving essential oils.



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