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Alsypin Herbal Mouthwash x100ml

Alsypin Herbal Mouthwash x100ml
Alsypin Herbal Mouthwash x100ml
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  • Brand: Revital Trade
  • Model: Alsypin-Herbal-Mouthwash-100ml
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  • Dimensions: 10.00cm x 10.00cm x 10.00cm
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Introducing Alsypin  Mouth Wash, your go-to solution for gum and oral hygiene. Crafted with a unique spherical formula enriched with 100% natural botanical ingredients, Alsypin Mouth Wash offers a comprehensive approach to oral care.

  • This mouthwash is characterized by its potent antiseptic, blood-sparing, antisquudative, anti-inflammatory, capillary-strengthening, and topical-anesthetic actions.
  • Alsypin Mouth Wash quickly and effectively reduces swelling of the palillae, helps remove secretions, and improves the color of the gingiva.
  • Additionally, it reduces sensitivity of exposed tooth necks and has a bacteriostatic effect on the fusospirosis flora, thanks to its acidic reaction.
  • Alsypin Mouth Wash is designed to combat bad breath in the oral cavity while providing a beneficial effect on the enamel, dentin, and cementum of the teeth.


  • To use Alsypin Mouth Wash, pour enough mouthwash into the cap of the product to fill it.
  • Sip a portion of the mouthwash without swallowing, then rinse your mouth thoroughly. Repeat as necessary.
  • Once the amount of product in the cap is finished, no further rinsing with water is necessary.
  • Remember, do not swallow Alsypin Mouth Wash.

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