Alzeda Anti Dandruff Gel 100ml Without Washing

Alzeda Anti Dandruff Gel 100ml Without Washing

Anti dandruff gel Alzeda /without washing/

The Alzeda Dandruff Gel is the first product that Zeda has created and marketed. Due to its unique composition and swift and long-lasting effects, the product was patented as a composition as well as a manufacturing technology. The anti–dandruff gel is a highly specialized product for fighting dandruff, severe forms of seborrhea, seborrheic dermatitis and more. The powerful synergy of the complex of active ingredients, selenium disulphide and camomile oil, provides a strong and lasting anti–dandruff effect and soothes scalp irritation. The gel has no other cosmetic effects – it does not oil or dry out the hair, the product does not have a styling effect, it doesn't even contain a perfume composition, so as not to cause allergic reactions to the already sensitive and irritated scalp. The effect of the strong anti-dandruff activity appears after as few as 3-5 applications, but it is not recommended to stop using it until all of the product (100 ml) is applied by the application in the 1st / intensive / stage of treatment.

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