Antisinyak Express With Makeup Effect Cream 15g

Antisinyak Express With Makeup Effect Cream 15g

ANTISINYAK-EXPRESS cream 15g with makeup effect


Unique component - body / freshwater sponge - algae /, glycerin, emulsion waxes, perfume oil, triethanolamine, polymethylsiloxane, monoglycerides, stearic acid, bronopol, methyl-, propylparaben, butyloxyanisole, water.


-For the treatment of bruises on the neck, décolleté, face and body; in gentle and delicate places.

-For sore and purulent pimples on the face and body / acne /

-Whitens pigment spots after pregnancy

-Removes dark circles around the eyes

-Quickly removes hematomas after intravenous and intramuscular injections, car masks and injuries.

-Extremely helpful in the treatment of herpes.


For external use. The cream is applied up to 5 times a day in a thin layer on an affected section of the skin. The effectiveness of the cream depends on the time elapsed after the initial appearance of the unwanted skin imperfections.


Not recommended for people with hypersensitivity to any of the cream's ingredients.

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