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Apimed Dent (Apipro) oral spray 20ml

APIPRO oral sprayApipro oral mouth spray, by creating a protective film soothes irritated and inflam..

£7.79 Ex Tax: £7.79

Apimed honey syrup with vitamins

Syrup contains honey and vitamins.Apivit honey syrup is primarily manufactured for children, but for..

£8.59 Ex Tax: £8.59

Apimed propolis 50 capsules

Capsules contain propolis and vitamin C, as well as beewax and herbal oil.Apipol capsules with propo..

£10.89 Ex Tax: £10.89

HEMOPROPIN propolis ointment hemorrhoid relief (APIMED)

Ointment contains propolis tincture embedded in the proper grease base. Propolis is preservative as ..

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Mini Med Baby nonalcoholic propolis drops 20 ml

Drops contain nonalcoholic propolis extract.Propolis extract has been gained by processing of qualit..

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Oralmed (Apiprodent) propolis spray 20ml

APIPRODENT propolis spray for gums and mouth cavitySpray contains: propolis tincture, tinctures of h..

£8.97 Ex Tax: £8.97