Aptamil AR Infant Milk: Relief for Babies with Reflux (400g)

Aptamil AR Infant Milk: Relief for Babies with Reflux (400g)

Help Your Reflux Baby Thrive with Aptamil AR Infant Milk!

Does your baby experience frequent vomiting or spit-up? Aptamil AR Infant Milk is specially formulated to address these concerns and provide complete nutrition for babies from birth to one year old.

Key Features:

  • Reduced Reflux: Specially formulated to help prevent milk return from the stomach, easing discomfort and promoting peaceful digestion.
  • Thickened Consistency: Locust Bean Gum (LBG), a natural thickener, helps keep food in the stomach and reduces reflux episodes.
  • Complete Nutrition: Provides all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for your baby's healthy growth and development.

Available in Two Stages:

  • Aptamil AR 1: For babies aged 0-6 months.
  • Aptamil AR 2: For babies aged 6-12 months.

Important Information:

  • Aptamil AR is not a substitute for breastfeeding. Always consult your pediatrician before introducing any new formula to your baby's diet.
  • Follow the preparation instructions carefully to ensure proper hygiene and nutrient content.
  • Breastfeeding is recommended as the best source of nutrition for babies.

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