Argan oil 30 ml

Argan oil 30 ml

Argan oil is derived from the fruit of a tree that grows in the southwest part of Morocco and has been used for hundreds of years. It is also called the "tree of life", and the oil obtained from its fruit -  the "Liquid gold of the desert" - one of the most valuable and expensive oils in the world. It has specific light buttery flavour with nuance of walnut and spices. Its unique balanced formulation fights dehydration and loss of elasticity of the skin, helping to prevent or slow down the appearance of wrinkles. This anti-aging effect is reinforced by high levels of  vitamin E and polyphenols - ones of the most powerful biological antioxidants to neutralize free radicals. They have strong anti-inflammatory effect and strengthen the UV-protection of the skin. Argan oil is assimilated quickly and is particularly suitable for use before and after sunbathing. The hair takes the argan oil faster than the skin and nails. The hair is well hydrated and protected from ultraviolet rays. This oil hydrates dry skin, strengthens nails, makes cuticles soft, so they can be easily removed.

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