Autan Junior Lotion 100ml

Autan Junior Lotion 100ml

Atan Junior Lotion 100ml

Atan Junior Lotion 100ml is a specially formulated insect repellent lotion, that provides reliable protection against mosquito bites and other insect bites for children.

This 100ml bottle of lotion is easy to apply and contains a gentle and effective formula that is safe for children to use. The lotion contains a unique blend of active ingredients that repel insects, including mosquitoes, ticks, and flies. It provides up to 8 hours of protection, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and playing in the park.

Autan Junior Lotion is dermatologically tested and contains a gentle formula that is free from alcohol and colorants. It is non-greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving no residue or sticky feeling behind. The lotion is easy to apply and can be used on exposed areas of the skin, such as the arms, legs, and face. It is also suitable for use on clothing and fabrics, providing an extra layer of protection against insect bites.

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