BioAmica Lactase Enzyme Drops 15ml

BioAmica Lactase Enzyme Drops 15ml

BioAmica Lactase Enzyme Drops

Bio Amica Lactase Enzyme Drops is a specially formulated solution for babies containing acid Lactase, which is derived from the fungus Aspergillus orize and is active at acidic pH – as it is in the stomach of the newborn. Lactase is an enzyme that is natural to the human body, which serves to break down the lactose contained in dairy foods. During the first months after birth, the baby feeds primarily on dairy products, which is why lactase in his body may not be sufficient to break down lactose, which in turn leads to temporary lactase deficiency. Acidic lactase in Bioamics soothes colic and tension in the baby’s stomach, promotes digestive processes and helps maintain normal intestinal peristalsis. Acidic lactase in Bioamics works immediately after ingestion.

Bioamica drops can be given directly into the baby’s mouth or added to formula milk.

BioAmica Lactase Enzyme Drops Baby Drops for Colic 15 ml oral lactase solution = 300 drops

Purpose of BioAmica

The main ingredient in BioAmica is the naturally occurring enzyme lactase. Lactase is formed in the small intestine and serves to break down lactose. During the first months of its life, the baby eats milk. The physiological temporary lactase deficiency in infants can lead to discomfort (gas) and tension (swelling) in the infant’s abdomen as a result of remaining undigested lactose, which is manifested by the appearance of so-called colic. Bio Amica drops contain a lactase enzyme that breaks down lactose into easily digestible sugars, has a beneficial effect on digestive function and contributes to the baby’s normal intestinal motility.

Method of administration

BioAmica Acid Lactase Drops can be given directly into the baby’s mouth or added to the adapted milk each time the baby is fed.

-Directly in the baby’s mouth: Pour the correct number of drops according to the table in a coffee spoon and put directly into the child’s mouth. Then start breastfeeding or feeding.

– In formula milk:

• 1. Prepare the food (milk) according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

• 2.Do not add Bio Amica drops to very hot or cold milk.

Wait for the temperature of the food (milk) to be adequate for consumption. Normal human body temperature is generally considered to be the appropriate temperature.

• 3. Add the appropriate number of drops of Bio Amica (see table) and shake. To be consumed immediately.

Age of the child Number of drops per 1 meal Number of drops per 6 meals Quantity of milk Количество Лактаза, осигурено с ПДП

0-2 weeks 5 30 60-90 ml 2800 ALU

3-4 weeks 6 36 120 ml 3400ALU

1-2 weeks 8 48 150 ml 4500 ALU

3-4 months 9 54 180 ml 5100 ALU

Who should not take Bio Amica?

The product should not be used in case of allergy to any of the constituents of the formula. The most common symptoms of an allergic reaction include: rashes, itching, swelling of the lips and face, shortness of breath. Ask your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms in your baby after taking BioAmica!


Lactase 56.9%; gelling ingredients: glycerin, water; stabilizing ingredient: potassium chloride.


Store in a dry place in the original package at room temperature below 25 degrees. After opening, use for 3 weeks.

Do not expose to direct sunlight. Keep away from children. Do not use after expiry date or if package integrity is compromised.

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