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Breastfeeding Tea Teekanne 16 bags 2-3 Days

Breastfeeding Tea Teekanne 16 bags

Breastfeeding TeaTEEKANNE "Breastfeeding Tea" - a natural herbal tea to assist breastfeeding mothers..

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Camilia 10 single doses 1ml

Product DescriptionCamilia, a drinkable solution packaged as single doses, is a homoeopathic medicin..

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Cue ear drops 15ml

CUE EAR DROPS ( SOLUTION) 15MLCUE ear drops ( solution) 15mlSoftening solution , used in the externa..

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Dentokind 150 tablets

DENTOKIND 150 TABLETES, DHUFor teething symptoms such as irritability, restlessness, earaches,painfu..

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Dologel 25 ml

Dologel is a massage gel for gums based on natural active ingredients and designed to provide relief..

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Dormikind 150 tablets

DORMIKIND, 150 TABLETS, DHUFor restlessness and sleep disorders in babies and children.Ingredients:•..

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Esprico 4ml 30 Sachets

Esprico consists primarily of pure sea fish oil and cold-pressed evening primrose oil. Esprico has a..

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Esprico 60 Chewable Capsules

Esprico consists primarily of pure sea fish oil and cold-pressed evening primrose oil. Esprico® has ..

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Espumisan Comfort 100mg drops 30ml

Espumisan 100mg drops 30ml for Infants, kids flatulence remedy• Espumisan is used in the sympto..

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Gastrokind 150 tablets

GASTROKIND, TABLETES X 150, DHUFor treatment of gastrointestinal functional disorders in infants and..

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Glass Thermometer Mercury-Free Geratherm

Glass thermometer, mercury-free Geratherm, Classic XL with magnifying glassClassic thermometer, perf..

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Isla Junior 20 Lozenges

Isla juniorRelief from throat irritation and sore throatsPlant-based active ingredient Iceland mossS..

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Ka-Vit Vitamin K1 20mg/ml 5ml 2-3 Days

Ka-Vit Vitamin K1 20mg/ml 5ml

Ka-Vit 20mg / ml x 5mlKa-Vit drops are used to treat and prevent disease conditions associated with ..

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Kindinorm 10 g globul 2-3 Days

Kindinorm 10 g globul

KINDINORM, 10 g, GLOBUL, DHUFor behavioural disorders in children and adults with attention and conc..

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Lansinoh 25 Mothers Milk Bags

Lansinoh mothers milk bag, pre-sterilized, leak-proof, scale, 25 bagsPRODCUT DESCRIPTION:The pre-ste..

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