Baneocin Ointment 20g

Baneocin Ointment 20g


Introducing Baneocin Ointment: Your Skin's Antibiotic Ally

Say goodbye to skin infections with Baneocin Ointment – a powerful antibiotic specifically designed for topical use. Packed with the dynamic duo of neomycin and bacitracin, this ointment delivers a synergistic punch against bacteria, ensuring effective skin and mucous membrane treatment.


Why Choose Baneocin Ointment?


Versatile Application: Ideal for a range of bacterial skin infections, including furuncles, carbuncles, sycosis, hidradenitis, paronychia, and more.


Post-Surgery Support: Accelerate healing after surgeries, minimize infection risks, and enhance postoperative recovery.


Tissue-Friendly Formula: Well-tolerated and gentle on your skin, Baneocin minimizes the risk of systemic antibiotic sensitivity.


Important Considerations Before Use


Before diving into Baneocin's benefits, take a moment to ensure it's the right fit for you:


Allergies: Avoid if allergic to bacitracin or neomycin, or other aminoglycoside antibiotics.


Conditions: Not for extensive skin lesions or perforated tympanic membranes; use caution with heart, kidney, or vestibular damage conditions.


Special Care: Pay attention to dosage recommendations, especially for neurotrophic ulcers. Regular monitoring for potential side effects is crucial.


Safe and Simple Application


Using Baneocin is a breeze:


Application: Apply a thin layer 2-3 times daily on the affected area. If needed, use a bandage for added protection.


Dosage Awareness: Be mindful not to exceed recommended doses to avoid potential side effects.


Possible Side Effects:


While generally well-tolerated, prolonged use may lead to:


Allergic reactions like redness, dryness, scaling, rashes, and itching.


Sensitivity increase in chronic dermatoses.


Rare allergies in the form of contact eczema.


Minimal absorption risk, resulting in adverse effects.


Storage and Accessibility


Keep your Baneocin secure:


Storage: Store below 25°C and out of reach of children.


Expiry Date: Do not use after the stated expiry date on the packaging.

Good news! You can purchase Baneocin Ointment without a doctor's prescription.



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