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Baneocin Powder For Skin x10g: Your Shield Against Bacterial Skin Infections

Baneocin Powder For Skin x10g: Your Shield Against Bacterial Skin Infections
Baneocin Powder For Skin x10g: Your Shield Against Bacterial Skin Infections
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  • Brand: Sandoz
  • Model: Baneocin-Powder-For-Skin-10g
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Embrace the soothing power of Baneocin powder, a versatile topical medication that effectively tackles bacterial skin infections, preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms and promoting healing.

A Duo of Potent Antibiotics

  • Baneocin powder harnesses the dual action of two complementary antibiotics, bacitracin and neomycin, to deliver a powerful punch against a wide range of bacteria. This synergistic combination provides comprehensive protection against a variety of skin infections.

Ease and Comfort for Minor Wounds

  • Baneocin powder offers gentle yet effective treatment for minor skin wounds, cuts, abrasions, and burns. Its soothing formula promotes healing and comfort while minimizing discomfort.

Prevention of Umbilical Infections in Newborns

  • Empower your newborn's delicate skin with Baneocin powder, a trusted preventive measure against umbilical cord infections. Its gentle application helps keep the area clean and protected, promoting healthy healing.

Easy Application and Convenient Packaging

  • Baneocin powder is simple to apply directly to the affected area. Its convenient compact packaging makes it easy to carry and store, ensuring you have it on hand whenever needed.

Wide Range of Applications

  • Baneocin powder proves its versatile nature in various dermatological procedures, complementing surgical and wound care treatments. Its effectiveness extends to treating infected leg ulcers, eczema, and diaper rash.

Safety and Precautions

  • While Baneocin powder is generally safe for topical use, it's crucial to follow the recommended dosage and application instructions carefully. Avoid using the product if you have allergies to its components or severe skin lesions. Consult your doctor before using Baneocin powder during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


  • 2-4 times a day. Apply to the skin.
  • Sprinkle the treatment site with a small amount of the powder, apply a bandage if necessary.
  • Duration of treatment should be limited to 7 days.

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