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Bestiflex Joints 30 Sachets

Bestiflex Joints 30 Sachets


Product Description

Bestiflex Joints 30 sachets the Polish manufacturer NP Pharma is a nutritional supplement that is recommended for joint discomfort as well as for mobility and joint flexibility. Also, Bestiflex Joints is recommended for people suffering from joint diseases, people who are actively engaged in sports and professional athletes. Bestiflex is targeted at demographics over 40 years of age who want to maintain their good physical condition and enjoy it as long as possible. Bestiflex joints are an ultra-modern and natural formula based on collagen hydrolyzate. It has a positive effect on the cartilages by restoring the cartilages, strengthening the joints and having a beneficial effect on rheumatic diseases. It is distinguishable by its exceptional quality and safety. Does not contain cholesterol. Does not contain purines. Does not contain gluten. It contains no fat. Contains pure protein. Does not contain genetically modified products.

Collagen hydrolyzate acts in 3 important steps:

Absorption: After administration of Bestiflex joints, the collagen hydrolyzate is rapidly absorbed in the stomach.

Distribution: The peptides from the collagen hydrolyzate go through the circulatory system into the cartilage tissues of the joints.

Stimulation: collagen hydrolyzate stimulates collagen type II synthesis and proteoglycans, which are the main structural units of cartilage.

Various studies have shown that oral administration of collagen hydrolyzate from Bestiflex joints supports the prevention and slower development of degenerative cartilage processes.

Reduced cartilages can cause discomfort during everyday activities. It has been scientifically proven that the daily intake (for 12 consecutive weeks) of 10 g of collagen hydrolyzate contained in Bestiflex joints improves the following: pain, mobility, flexibility.

In cases where the tested people have had health problems – mobility difficulties, pains, or discomfort when performing sudden movements, the collagen hydrolyzate peptides have helped keep the joints in good condition and improve the quality of life.

Recommended intake for adults:

1 sache of Bestiflex Joints daily.

Add 100 ml of water to the soluble powder of the sachet and drink it immediately. Longer period of treatment is recommended (at least 3 months).

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