Bilka Homeopathy Kids Toothpaste 2+ 50ml

Bilka Homeopathy Kids Toothpaste 2+ 50ml

Discover Bilka Homeopathy Kids Toothpaste 2+, a gentle dental solution designed specifically for the youngest members of your family. Formulated with natural ingredients and free from harmful additives, this toothpaste provides a safe and effective way to care for your child's precious smile.

  • At the heart of Bilka Homeopathy Kids Toothpaste 2+ lies the natural sweetener xylitol, sourced from fruits, renowned for its cavity-preventing properties. With a high percentage of xylitol, this toothpaste not only protects against cavities but also soothes tender gums, making it ideal for young teeth in need of gentle care.

  • But that's not all – enriched with natural stevia extract, Bilka Homeopathy Kids Toothpaste 2+ offers a unique blend of beneficial compounds, including steviosides, vitamins, flavonoids, and amino acids. This wholesome formulation supports overall dental health while ensuring a pleasant tangerine flavor that kids will love.

  • Concerned about harmful additives? Rest assured, Bilka Homeopathy Kids Toothpaste 2+ is free from fluoride, menthol, saccharin, sodium lauryl sulfate, preservatives, and colorants that could potentially harm your child's health. With a commitment to purity and safety, this toothpaste provides peace of mind for parents.

Experience the benefits firsthand – suitable for children over 2 years old and compatible with homeopathic medicinal preparations, Bilka Homeopathy Kids Toothpaste 2+ offers a simple yet effective way to care for young smiles. Just apply a small amount to a toothbrush and start brushing with light circular movements. Rinse thoroughly with water, ensuring your child avoids swallowing the paste.

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