Bioderma Sensibio DS+ Gel: Soothe & Reduce Redness on Sensitive, Flaky Skin (200ml)

Bioderma Sensibio DS+ Gel: Soothe & Reduce Redness on Sensitive, Flaky Skin (200ml)

Struggling with redness, irritation, and flakiness? Bioderma Sensibio DS+ Gel offers a gentle cleansing solution specifically designed for sensitive, redness-prone skin. This fragrance-free, soap-free gel effectively:

  • Soothes and calms redness: Helps reduce the appearance of redness and irritation for a calmer, more comfortable complexion.
  • Deeply cleanses without stripping: Removes impurities and excess oil without disrupting your skin's natural moisture barrier.
  • Reduces flakiness: Helps prevent and diminish dry, flaky patches for smoother, healthier-looking skin.
  • Strengthens skin's defense: Patented D.A.F. complex helps fortify the skin's natural defenses for improved resilience.

Key Ingredients:

  • D.A.F. Complex (Patented): Enhances skin's tolerance, reducing sensitivity triggers.
  • Rhamnose: Promotes skin cell renewal for a healthier appearance.
  • Coco Glucosides/Glyceryl Oleate: Provides gentle hydration and restores skin's lipid barrier.
  • Zinc Gluconate: Soothes inflammation and calms irritated skin.

Suitable for:

  • Sensitive skin prone to redness and flakiness
  • Rosacea-prone skin
  • Seborrheic dermatitis-prone skin

How to Use:

  1. Use morning and/or evening on damp skin.
  2. Gently lather, then rinse thoroughly.
  3. Pat dry and avoid contact with eyes.

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