Biogame Aprovit Raspberry Flavour Syrup 150ml

Biogame Aprovit Raspberry Flavour Syrup 150ml

Аprovit Raspberry Flavour Syrup 150ml is a multivitamin product for children and adults, combined with a hydrolyzed protein, carbohydrates and an immunostimulating herb.

Under specific conditions the vitamins offer protection against some diseases. Vitamin C and E are well known antioxidants. B6 and B12 take part in protein metabolism as biocatalysts. B6 takes part in amino acid transformation reactions.

The rich content of non-exchangeable and exchangeable amino acids, rapidly assimilated by the body, determines the high biological value of Аprovit.

Non-exchangeable amino acids for children are:

+ Arginine - stimulates the secretion of growth hormone

+ Lysine – it is necessary for regular growth and bone formation.

+ Methionine – it protects cells against exogetic pollution (smog etc.) and assists the secretion of heavy metals from the body

+ Threonine – for immunostimulation

+ Tryptophan – to control stress conditions, aggressive behavior, sleeplessness

+ Valine – stimulates tissue growth and recovery, is a source of energy and helps with liver problems

+ Histidine – is involved in the production of intestinal and white corpuscles.

The carbohydrates provide 55-60% of the energy requirements of the body. The glucose is assimilated 10-15 min after use. Their involvement in different enzymes and ferments (as in bee’s products) assists the regulation of a number of processes.


For children in cases of:

+ compensation of insufficiency in vitamins C, E, D and B-group, at times of active body growth

+ enhancement of non-specific body resistance to detrimental environmental influences.

+ enhancement of the body's resistance to acute viral and infectious diseases

+ enhancement of the effects of medical treatment

+ enhancement of concentration at times of high mental activity

+ enhanced recovery of amateur and professional athletes

+ sleeplessness, stress conditions and irritability

+ anemia

+ dermatological diseases

+ post-operative treatment


The product is available in following flavors:

- raspberry

- orange


in                                 5/10/30 ml

Carbohydrates, g        2,7/5,4/16

(Glucose, Honey), g  2,6/5,2/15,6

Protein hydrolyzate, g 0,7/1,4/4,2

Essential amino acids:

L-Arginine, mg         22,5/45/135

L-Lysine, mg            22,5/45/135

L-Метионин, mg       22,5/45/135

L-Threonine, mg       22,5/45/135

L-Valine, mg             22,5/45/135

L-Tryptophane, mg     10/20/60

L-Histidine, mg           10/20/60


Vitamin C, mg          3,3/6,7/20

Vitamin E, mg          1 / 2 / 6

Nicotinamide, mg      0,8/1,6/5

Vitamin B1, mg         0,3/0,7/2

Vitamin B2, mg         0,3/0,7/2

Vitamin B6, mg         0,3/0,7/2

Ca D-pantothenate, mg 0,3/0,7/2

Vitamin A, µg        25,3/50,6/152

Folic acid, µg          5,3/10,6/ 32

Biotin, µg                   1,3/ 2,7/8

Vitamin B12, µg          1,3/2,7/8

Vitamin B12, µg          0,3/0,7/2


bitartrate, mg         55,5/111/333

Royal jelly, mg           51/102/306

Echinacea purpurea, mg 10/20/60

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