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Biogame Glutamine Powder 120g

Biogame Glutamine Powder 120g
Biogame Glutamine Powder 120g
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Glutamine assists protein production, transportation of nitrogen to the muscles and increases muscle mass. It supports the organism stimulation for natural secretion of hormones, decreasing of tiredness and recovery of muscle tissue.

L-Glutamine is known as a crucial amino acid for the formation and support of the muscles. High physical stress dramatically increases the body's requirements of L-Glutamine. Sufficient L-Glutamine levels are crucial for a healthy immune system.

Glutamine increases the assimilation of other preparation such as Creatine. For the best possible results, their simultaneous application is recommended.

Glutamine has no cumulative effect and can be used over extended periods of time.


As an energy supplier for active and amateur athletes, as well as people occupied with heavy physical work.


5 g (one tea spoon), dissolved in a cup of water, 1-2 times per day.


Pharmaceutically pure L-Glutamine.

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