Biolectra Magnesium Orange 243 mg forte 20 еffervescent tablets

Biolectra Magnesium Orange 243 mg forte  20 еffervescent tablets

For the treatment of muscle and calf cramps.

The mineral magnesium is essential for relaxed muscles. The balance between tension and relaxation in the muscles can only be assured when you have a sufficient magnesium intake. Even a slight magnesium deficiency can lead to disorders in the muscular activity, the consequences of which can include cramps in the muscles and calves. The simple way to treat this: Biolectra® Magnesium 243 mg forte Effervescent tablets  This magnesium product soothes calf cramps and relaxes the muscles.

Biolectra® Magnesium 243 mg forte Effervescent tablets

Works deep inside the muscle tissue

Revitalizes the body’s muscles

Long-lasting coverage of daily magnesium requirements

Good to know: This is how magnesium works

Magnesium is the natural counterpart to calcium in the muscles. If there is an increased calcium concentration in the muscles, this can lead to tensions and cramps because calcium is responsible for placing the muscles under tension. The intake of magnesium has a regulating effect in that, among other things, it prevents the influx of calcium into the muscles and therefore has a relaxing effect.

Find out more about the muscle mineral magnesium.

Biolectra® Magnesium 243 mg forte Effervescent tablets: Product information

Dosage form: Effervescent tablet

Indications: Confirmed magnesium deficiency, if it is causing disorders in muscle activity (neuromuscular disorders, calf cramps).

Composition: Each effervescent tablet contains, as its medicinally active ingredient, 403.0 – 435.2 mg of light magnesium oxide, corresponding to 243 mg of magnesium. 

Dosage: The dosage of Biolectra® Magnesium 243 forte Effervescent tablets depends on the degree of magnesium deficiency. The average daily dosage for adolescents and adults is 1 – 2 effervescent tablets (243 – 486 mg of magnesium ions).

The following instructions for use are applicable:

Dissolve one effervescent tablet in a glass of water, and drink the whole glass.

Pack sizes: Biolectra® Magnesium 243 mg forte Effervescent tablets are available in the following pack sizes:

20 effervescent tablets


Biolectra® Magnesium 243 mg forte Effervescent tablets are gluten- and lactose-free

Energetic value per effervescent tablet: 38 kJ (8.8 kcal)

Store in a dry place and out of the reach of young children.

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