Bioprogramme Small-Flowered Willow Stalk 50g

Bioprogramme Small-Flowered Willow Stalk 50g

Bioprogramme Small-Flowered Willow Stalk 50g


The small-flowered willow-herb is used for prostate disorders, but is also commonly used for bladder and kidney problems. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its ingredients - Beta-sitosterol, and various flavonoids and Tanniden.


For a cup of fireweed tea - pour over a heaping teaspoon of the herb with hot water and leave it for five minutes.

Since the tea is tart but palatable, it is used in some areas as a black tea substitute. The fresh leaves of the Willows sleeping beauty are edible and taste good in a colorful salad.

If you drink fireweed tea daily, take a break from it after about six weeks. During the following six weeks, you can drink a tea from a similar-acting herb instead. This measure, which should be applied to all strong-acting herbs, helps to prevent a habituation effect. In addition, the break prevents unwanted long-term effects.

In cases of allergic reactions or discomfort, discontinue the tea immediately and consult your doctor.


Small-Flowered Willow-Herb

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