Ditch the Hassle of Being a New Mom

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How to handle being a new mom


Being a new mom is by no means a hassle-free job. You've just delivered a super cute little human who totally depends on you for everything. Meanwhile, you need to take care of yourself, too, as you're still in the process of healing. Even though no tip can ultimately set you free of what you're currently experiencing, you can definitely reduce the hassle with some super adaptable ideas listed below and make your mom-life easier.  


Use Nursing pads
Leaking breasts are natural for up to a few weeks after your newborn’s delivery until the milk supply is adjusted as per your baby’s needs. However, it can become pretty embarrassing when you're all set to leave the house, and those dripping nipples start acting up. 
Here's the good news! You can still fight back the embarrassment with disposable nursing pads, which efficiently absorb the leaked milk and extra moisture from your breasts. 


Keep a baby kit with you
Handling a baby is, undoubtedly, not an easy task. Babies throw tantrums at most unwanted places. Suppose you've got a work commitment, and your baby suddenly starts crying. You know he has to get his diaper changed but don't remember where his anti-rash nappy cream is? 
Yes! That is why you need to have your little ones haul in one place, including rash cream, nasal drops, baby oil, rectal thermometer, infant acetaminophen, and other medicines.


Take some time out for self-care
Being a new mom consumes you a lot. It's okay to take a break for yourself once in a while after putting your kiddie to sleep. Take care of your skin, get home facial, manicure, pedicure, get hair protein therapy, etc., and don't forget regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin.  


Optimize your energy 
As beautiful as having a baby sounds, it drains your energy to the minimum. You need to add some really effective healthcare supplements to your diet to stay active throughout the day.


Modify your sleep pattern to fight baby blues
Postpartum baby blues are as natural as the birth of your baby. It's not only you! You can pull through it like it was never there. Better your sleep patterns, and don't miss any opportunity to sleep during any time of the day. Everything feels better when your sleep is better. 

Use milk storage bags
Managing everyday work is as important as feeding your young one. Suppose you might need to go out for a longer duration, and it's unmanageable to feed your baby for hours, naturally. In such conditions, you need to have your backup plan ready. Either keep good formula milk for your baby or use BPA-free and FDA-approved milk storage bags for your convenience. 


Postpartum memory loss

Studies have proven the memory deficit in new moms due to prolong sleep disturbances and hormonal changes. Eat more nutrients and healthy fats, i.e., omega 3 fatty acids, to reverse postpartum memory loss symptoms. 


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