7 Fuss-Free Tips to Keep You, Young, for Years

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How to keep young and good looking


Who doesn't want their plump skin to stay the same forever? No one, I believe! At least I want my youth to remain unspoiled forever. Forever is not promised; nevertheless, adopting a few healthy habits might keep you young for years. 

As desirable as it may sound, it has some pre-requisites that need to be solemnly considered to bring your dream to life. Although numerous cosmetological practices have lately been making waves in reducing the signs of aging in mature men and women, prevention is better than cure. 

1. Sunscreen
Approximately 80% of our skin’s aging is attributed to UV radiation. Therefore, choosing good sunscreen is crucially essential as early as you are in your late teens. 


2. Take antioxidants
One of the terrifying threats to human skin is oxidation, which results in free radical formulation. These free radicals affect the skin's elasticity by destroying its collagen and making it age faster. However, the use of oral and topical antioxidants will help scavenge free radicals and delay aging. Such antioxidants include green tea, vitamin E, vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10, and carotenoids. 

3. Moisturize more often
Healthy skin is the one that is well hydrated as the skin's water content makes it look supple and plump. Carelessness towards diet and skincare may lead to dehydrated skin, which gets wrinkled more easily. Frequent moisturizing is essential to combat dehydration. No matter you have dry or oily skin, moisturizing is a MUST to keep your skin's water trapped. 

4. Quit smoking and alcohol
Researchers have found a significant relationship between smoking/alcohol consumption and skin aging. You need to cut down on heavy drinking and frequent smoking to keep your skin young for long. Nicotine patches may help you through the process of quitting nicotine cigarettes.  


5. Retinoid will save you big time!
Retinoid is the derivative of Vitamin A and is probably the most widely researched compound for its anti-aging properties. It fastens the cell turnover on your skin, resulting in reduced wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, and increased collagen production. Adding an appropriate concentration of retinoid in your daily skincare regime will considerably delay your skin's aging process. 


6. Better your sleep
Sleep deprivation is closely related to less aesthetic facial appearance, including skin aging. Along with all the skincare, you need to get your sleep patterns better to keep the aging signs away from your skin. The best thing is to add some good sleep-inducing supplements to your diet before bed. You can also put some drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow while sleeping. It ensures peaceful sleep. 

7. Don’t Stress out. 
It's natural to overthink when you're put through a challenging situation in life. However, the stress you get from it triggers skin aging. Try to keep yourself happy and relax as much as you can. In fact, the measures you will take to reduce stress will positively affect your skin. Do more exercise, socialize more with your favorite people, eat healthy food and always remember, “This too shall pass!”


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