8 Doable Lifestyle Modifications To Treat Hypertension

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What could happen when you have a high blood pressure


We all are surrounded by the causes that originate hypertension in our day-to-day life. It includes obesity, lack of physical activity, stress, smoking, our sedentary lifestyle, and the list goes on. 
If you have been diagnosed with hypertension, it’s evident that you might be worried as it's a hassle to commit yourself to medication for a lifetime. You can achieve lower levels of blood pressure by making some modifications to your lifestyle while successfully avoiding the need for medication.


Listed below are some doable lifestyle modifications:

1. Lose some extra pounds – Being overweight causes you sleep apnea; abnormal breathing during sleep, which further raises your blood pressure. So losing even a small amount of weight can help you reduce your blood pressure. Most importantly, keep an eye on your waistline, as carrying too much weight around it can put you at higher risk of elevated blood pressure.

2. Eat a healthy diet – Consume a diet rich in nutrients, vegetables, fruits. There is a known name for this diet plan, i.e. (DASH) Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Count your calories, write down what you eat. Substitute your cravings by consuming some almonds. Add up potassium to your diet regime as potassium lessens the effects of sodium in your body.

3. Reduce sodium intake – Even just a slight reduction of sodium in your diet can improve your health. Sodium finds the way to our body mostly through salt and junk; avoid munching on snacks!

4. Exercise regularly – Heavy exercise isn't recommended right off for someone with heart concerns. However, starting with a 30 minutes walk every day and gradually increasing the duration might help. You may try aerobics and slowly hit up to cardio.

5. Cut back on caffeine – People who are coffee and tea addict are at the risk of developing hypertension. Reduced intake of caffeine has been shown to improve overall health in the hypertensive population. 

6. Quit smoking – It's not an easy job to quit smoking in one go, but a gradual cut down by one or two cigarettes per day may help your blood pressure return to normal gradually. The use of nicotine patches can be tremendously effective in getting rid of smoking subtly.

7. Unfriend ALCOHOL! – If you're someone who can't go about without boozing on alcohol, you need to stop it right away! Research shows a substantial correlation between alcohol consumption and hypertension. Alcohol contains a high amount of calories and may lead to unnecessary weight gain, contributing to even raised blood pressure levels.

8. Avoid stress – Stress itself is a massive contributor to hypertension, whether it's occasional stress or chronic stress. Identify your stressors and try to distance yourself from whatever triggers them. Meditation has been found immensely useful in reducing stress.


Lifestyle plays a vital role in treating hypertension, and without adhering to a healthy lifestyle, it is almost impossible to defeat any disease.  
So, if you really want to reduce the risk of hypertension without depending on strong medications for life, these super doable lifestyle modifications are what you immediately need to make. 

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