Broncho Pam Limited Edition Tea 30 Bags

Broncho Pam Limited Edition Tea 30 Bags


BRONCHO PAM Limited Edition: pack 30 tea sachets x 1.5 g


No side effects.

BRONCHO PAM© Limited Edition: This amazing organic drink is the FIRST BOUTIQUE HERBAL SUPPLEMENT in the world and is also a luxurious fashion inspired tea. It comes under the slogan of "Winter Fairy Tea. Be healthy in style!"

This is a leading natural remedy for the flu and one of the best immune boosters. It has been clinically tested. It also stops the development of bronchitis and cures it. Great for children and adults, it is a renowned patented product that improves the immune and bronchial systems with a long-lasting effect. At the same time, it is a delicious herbal tea made with high quality grades of plants. It is 100% natural and without any side effects.

Effect: Dr. Pamukoff has found during his 70 years long practice that fresh botanical water extracts (herbal teas) are the best forms of winter supplements, as they don’t contain additives and preservatives. Furthermore, hot water acts to extract the powerful components of medical plants such as flavonoids. Flavonoids have been shown to have a wide range of biological and pharmacological activities in in vitro studies, such as anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antibacterial and antiviral effects.

Our unique preparation has been selling successfully in many European countries.

BRONCHO PAM® has a gentle but powerful effect. Dr. Pamukoff has observed with thousands of patients that the effect of BRONCHO PAM can be noticed after as little as 2 to 5 days. The results are exceptionally long-lasting.

Best results are observed when BRONCHO PAM© is taken alongside IMMUNO BRONCHO PAM©, which is rich in anti-oxidants.

Antioxidants do not do well in hot water and that is why they are placed in capsules. Only 15,000 boxes of The Winter Fairy Tea BRONCHO PAM® Limited Edition will be sold worldwide due to its rare exceptional herbs. It is made with high quality grades of thyme with a fresh lemon scent. This amazing drink also contains echinacea flowers and peppermint ranked as the best one in the world and other herbs from the famous Valley of Roses. This valley is known for its golden treasures and very rare climate. Plants with exceptionally high content of essential oils have been grown there for centuries. It is the homeland of the rose oil in Chanel No 5.

What is the difference with BRONCHO PAM Original: Both BRONCHO PAM© Original and BRONCHO PAM© Limited Edition have shown excellent results – the difference is in the taste of the 2 formulas. Children and adults enjoy its fresh taste.

Our medicinal plants have been cultivated especially for BRONCHO PAM® by leading European botanical experts. There are no additives and no caffeine in it. The use of these exquisite cultivated herbs ensures consistently high quality in all of our products. In addition, Dr. Pamukoff believes that we have a duty to protect the environment for future generations and to use cultivated plants to preserve natural habitats.

SATISFIED CUSTOMERS: Winter Fairy Tea has received many gold awards. It has also gained popularity among practitioners during the Camexpo 2010, a leading event in medicine. Dr. Pamukoff, a director of PAMEDICA UK, has worked meticulously on each aspect of this amazing drink, so you can enjoy its benefits to support your busy lifestyle. He believes that natural products should be based on scientific research, but can also be luxurious.

BRONCHITIS: The total area of your lungs is as big as a tennis court and for that reason it can take 2 to 6 months to heal serious forms of bronchitis.

Only premium eco friendly materials and natural glue have been used in the production of our packaging. We have developed BRONCHO PAM in accordance with the highest world standards.

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