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Canesten cream 20 g

Canesten cream 20 g

Canesten 1% Cream: A Versatile Ally in Your Fight Against Fungal Infections

In the realm of skin health, fungal infections can be a pesky and persistent problem, causing discomfort and embarrassment. Canesten 1% Cream emerges as a reliable ally in your fight against these pesky invaders, providing relief from a wide range of fungal skin infections.

A Multi-Purpose Solution for Fungal Threats

  • Canesten 1% Cream tackles a comprehensive spectrum of fungal skin infections, including:
  • Athlete's Foot: Conquer the dreaded itching, dryness, and flaking associated with athlete's foot, restoring your feet to their comfortable, healthy state.
  • Groin Fungal Infections: Eliminate the discomfort and irritation caused by fungal infections in the groin area, allowing you to move freely and confidently.
  • Ringworm: Banish the red, scaly patches and itching associated with ringworm, restoring your skin's smooth, healthy appearance.
  • Fungal Nappy Rash: Provide relief for your little one's delicate skin from the discomfort and soreness caused by fungal diaper rash.
  • Sweat Rash: Calm the redness, itching, and discomfort of sweat rash, allowing your skin to breathe freely and comfortably.
  • Vaginal Thrush: Soothe the external symptoms of vaginal thrush, including itching, inflammation, and soreness, while working in conjunction with an internal treatment for complete relief.

Effortless Application and Long-Lasting Effects

Using Canesten 1% Cream is a breeze: simply apply a thin layer to the affected area(s) of skin two to three times daily and gently rub it in. A strip of cream that is 0.5cm long is enough to treat an area about the size of a human hand.

For optimal results, continue treatment for at least one month for dermatophyte infections such as athlete's foot and ringworm, and at least two weeks for thrush infections. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after applying the cream to prevent the spread of infection.

Consult Your Healthcare Provider for Personalized Advice

While Canesten 1% Cream effectively tackles a wide range of fungal infections, it's always advisable to consult your doctor or pharmacist for personalized advice. They can assess your individual condition and recommend the most suitable treatment plan.

Extra Tips for Canesten 1% Cream Usage

  • Athlete's Foot: For athlete's foot, ensure you wash and dry your feet thoroughly, especially between the toes, before applying the cream.
  • Vaginal Thrush: For vaginal thrush, Canesten 1% Cream only provides relief from the external symptoms. It's crucial to use an internal treatment to address the infection within the vagina. Your doctor or pharmacist can recommend suitable options.

With its proven effectiveness and ease of use, Canesten 1% Cream stands as a valuable ally in your battle against fungal infections. Embrace its power to restore your skin's comfort and regain your confidence.

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