Cefasilymarin 105mg 20 tablets

Cefasilymarin 105mg 20 tablets


Herbal protection for the liver


damage, cirrhosis, inflammations of the liver 

promotes the regenerative processes

purely herbal

Protecting the liver, using milk thistle

Indeed, the liver is very resilient, but when alcohol, obesity, medicaments, pollutants or infections strain it too much, this can lead to a fatty liver, inflammation, cirrhosis or cancer of the liver.

Tiredness, itching, feelings of pressure in the upper abdomen, weight changes and changes of the stool/urine/skin/eyes, in terms of colour, are signs of damage of the liver.

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is a medicinal plant with liver-protecting properties. Cefasilymarin contains an extract of milk thistle fruit and is used as a supportive protecting agent in cases of liver damage and for the activation of the regenerative processes of the liver.

Active ingredient: dry extract from milk thistle fruit

Used for: 

for supportive treatment of chronic inflammatory liver diseases, hepatic cirrhosis and toxic liver damage (caused by hepatotoxic agents). This remedy is not suitable for the treatment of acute poisoning.

Contains lactose.

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Tags: damages, cirrhosis, inflammations of the liver