Chitosan Plus L-Carnitine And Chrom 60+30 Capsules

Chitosan Plus L-Carnitine And Chrom 60+30 Capsules

Chitosan Plus 60+30 Capsules

-contributes to maintaining a healthy weight

-has a positive effect on normal cholesterol levels

-acts as a "sponge for fat" in the gastrointestinal tract

-helps reduce the amount of fat that is absorbed by the body

-helps to prevent the spread of fat through the blood and accumulation in the body

-contributes to good metabolism

-supports the work of the digestive system

60 + 30 capsules

- for adults and children over 14 years - two capsules, half an hour before meals, up to 6 capsules a day.


CHITOSAN PLUS L-Carnitine and Chrom

Chitosan Plus is a nutritional supplement that contains chitosan, and the composition is enriched with L-Carnitine and Chromium for an even better effect.

In order to be as effective as possible, the process of maintaining a healthy weight with Chitosan Plus is recommended to be accompanied by a healthy diet and mild daily physical activity.

Chitosan Plus is useful, effective and safe.

Ingredients (in 6 capsules maximum recommended daily intake):

-chitosan 1200mg

-L-Carnitine 1200mg

-Chromium picolinate 180μg

You should avoid foods like:

1. Sweet foods.

Artificially sweetened foods that contain added sugar can be detrimental for your health. Instead, all kinds of fruits can be eaten.

2. Fried foods.

Contains extremely high amounts of calories and is harmful not only to the figure but also to the health.

3. Foods with trans fats.

The main source of trans fats in our menu are hydrogenated vegetable fats (margarine). They are high in calories and clog the arteries even more than saturated fats. They are contained in almost all industrially produced semi-finished foods and semi-finished products - margarines, waffles, chocolate, chips, snacks, dry soups, croissants, breakfasts.

4. White bread.

Wholegrain and rye bread are of higher nutritional value (contain more fiber).

5. Whole-milk dairy products. 

It is advisable to consume low-fat milk. Calcium and vitamins are in the same amount as in whole milk, but the fat is less.

6. Carbonated beverages.

They are a source of empty calories (no nutritional value) and are usually highly sweetened.

7. Alcohol.

It adds extra calories, absorbs very quickly and slows the metabolism process.

Eating Tips for Successful Weight Loss:

1. Breakfast.

Thus the stomach begins to work faster, the body speeds up its metabolism and prevents the appearance of "wolfish" appetite later in the day.

2. Frequent meals (up to 5-6 times a day).

When a meal is missed, a frantic sense of hunger is experienced in time. When a large amount of calories is ingested, the body excretes an extra amount of insulin, which extracts blood sugar from the bloodstream and accumulates it in the form of body fat.

3. Small portions.

It is good to gradually reduce the portions that are consumed normally. Overeating is harmful. It is not necessary to eat the food in your plate when the body is sated.

4. Without food 2 hours before bedtime.

Food charges our body with fuel, which we do not need in the evening. This energy is not in use and stored in us in the form of fat.

5. Many fluids.

From 1.5 to 2 liters a day. All physiological processes, including digestion and burning of calories, work better when the body is hydrated.

6. Carefully select the foods you buy.

It is good to avoid buying harmful foods by reading the label composition and avoiding products with sugar, vegetable oils (which in most cases are hydrated) or high in fat.

7. Stop the brainless eating.

It's not a good idea to eat food if you do not feel hungry.


Chitosan is an aminopolysaccharide derived from the chitin shells of crustaceans and is a source of natural dietary fiber.

Chitosan is a substance that binds fats and helps to remove them from the body prior to their absorption.

Chitosan helps with normalizing the weight.

In the production of Chitosan Plus high-quality raw material is used with a maximum degree of deacetylation of 90%, which corresponds to the best world analogues.


L-carnitine carries out the transport of fatty acids in the mitochondrial matrix where the process of their decomposition takes place with accompanying energy release. This way, L-carnitine promotes the process of converting body fat into energy.

It contributes to energy, good working capacity and rapid recovery.

It has a beneficial effect on the regulation of metabolism.

Maintains a normal heartbeat.


Chromium aids in the normal metabolism of nutrients by facilitating the action of insulin in the body.

It helps maintain normal blood glucose concentrations by improving glucose uptake in cells.

Helps reduce / regulate excess cravings for sweet foods.

It has a beneficial effect on fat burning, the build-up of muscle mass and the release of energy.

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