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Citizin Syrup 50ml

Citizin Syrup 50ml

Citizin syrup

Citizin® is a form of cyticolin, a natural ingredient that is found in every cell of the body and is especially important for the proper functioning of the brain. It is identical to CDP-choline (cytidyl diphosphate choline), a natural metabolite that plays an important role in the synthesis of phospholipids, a major component of all cell membranes.

Citicoline – lemon flavoredsolution 100 / ml

Legal status in the European Union

Cyticolin is a nutrient intended to provide the natural intake of choline and cytidine in the body. It is intended for use in food supplements targeting middle-aged people (maximum 500 mg / day) and in special-purpose foods (maximum 250 mg / serving, up to 1 g / day).

It is not intended for consumption by children.

What are the benefits of cytisine (cyticoline)?

• Increases the levels of a number of important neurotransmitters, including: acetylcholine, dopamine and norepinephrine

• Increases energy production in the anterior cerebral cortex.

• Helps maintain the integrity of neural cell membranes

• Maintains the healthy function of mitochondria required for brain activity.

• Improves communication between neurons.

• Supports the visual function.

Can be useful for:

• Improves memory and concentration

• After strokes and rehabilitation after a stroke

• For the prevention and adjunctive therapy of primary open-angle glaucoma and other eye conditions

• As a substance that counteracts addiction

Recommended daily intake:

- 5ml per day. Duration of administration is at least 30 days.

The product is not intended for use by children.

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