Citromix Grapefruit Seed Extract 20ml Powerful Immunostimulant

Citromix Grapefruit Seed Extract 20ml Powerful Immunostimulant

CITROMIX grapefruit seed extract 20 ml Powerful Immunostimulant


-Improves the health of the cardiovascular system;

-Supports the immune system and its proper functioning;

-Exerts favourable effects on the gastrointestinal tract function, and balances the gut flora, helps the body to manage inflammatory and allergic reactions, promotes an easier recovery from acute and chronic infections.

Active Ingredients:

Grapefruit seed extract: 0,47 g

Vitamin С: 20 mg

Bioflavonoids: 6,56 mg

Vitamin А: 438 mcg

Vitamin D3: 5,5 mcg.


Take 15 drops daily, dissolved in water, tea or juice.

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