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Corneregel 5% Eye Gel Tube 10g

Corneregel 5% Eye Gel Tube 10g

Corneregel® 5% Eye Gel Tube 10g For Corneal 

Product Description:

Treatment of diseases of the cornea (keratopathy) of non-inflammatory origin, such as corneal dystrophy (insufficient corneal hrananene), corneal degeneration, recurrent corneal erosions (injury to the cornea) and corneal lesions (injuries) when wearing contact lenses. Adjuvant therapy to help the healing process in cases of corneal lesions (injuries) in conjunctival lesions, chemical burns, and burns.

Please note: Corneregel is not suitable for the treatment of inflammatory lesions of the cornea from bacterial, viral or fungal origin. However, it is suitable for use as an additional tool to the specific treatment of these diseases of the cornea.


Active Ingredient: Dexpanthenol

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