Coryzalia: Treat Colds and Rhinitis with Confidence (40 Tabs)

Coryzalia: Treat Colds and Rhinitis with Confidence (40 Tabs)

Boiron Coryzalia, a premium homeopathic medicine, is your solution for effective cold and rhinitis treatment. Uniquely formulated, Coryzalia offers relief without causing drowsiness, making it suitable for both adults and children.

Usage Instructions:

  • For adults: Take 1 tablet every hour, up to the 12th hour. Dilute intakes as symptoms improve. Keep the tablet in the mouth until completely dissolved.
  • For children under 1 year: Crush the tablet and dissolve it in water before administering.

Ingredients (per coated tablet - 300 mg):

  • Allium sulfur 3 CH 0.333 mg
  • Belladonna 3 CH 0.333 mg
  • Sabadilla 3 CH 0.333 mg
  • Kalium bichromicum 3 CH 0.333 mg
  • Gelsemium sempervirens 3 CH 0.333 mg
  • Pulsatilla 3 CH 0.333 mg

Excipients: Sucrose


  • Avoid if hypersensitive to active substances or any excipients.

Fertility, Pregnancy, and Lactation:

  • No adverse effects expected during pregnancy and lactation, as systemic exposure is negligible.

Effects on Driving and Machine Use:

  • No observed effects on the ability to drive and use machines.

Empower yourself with Boiron Coryzalia for relief from colds and rhinitis. Trust in its homeopathic efficacy for a healthier, drowsiness-free experience.

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