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Cycle Balance: Harmonize Your Hormones for Fertility & Wellness (30 Pcs)

Cycle Balance: Harmonize Your Hormones for Fertility & Wellness (30 Pcs)
Cycle Balance: Harmonize Your Hormones for Fertility & Wellness (30 Pcs)
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  • Brand: Gedeon
  • Model: Cycle-Balance-30-Sashets
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  • Dimensions: 10.00cm x 10.00cm x 10.00cm
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Embark on a journey of hormonal balance and wellness with Cycle Balance by Gedeon Richter. This specially crafted product is your ally for fertility, ensuring a smooth pregnancy journey. Infused with the potent combination of folic acid and myo-inositol, Cycle Balance supports hormonal equilibrium and contributes to optimal ovarian health.

Key Features:

  • Fertility Support: Tailored for fertility, Cycle Balance aids in the normal course of pregnancy.
  • Hormonal Harmony: The dynamic duo of folic acid and myo-inositol fosters hormonal balance for overall well-being.
  • Ovulation Optimization: Contribute to a regular menstrual cycle and support the crucial ovulation process.

Active Ingredients:

  • Folic Acid: From tissue growth to immune system activity, folic acid is a multitasker that reduces fatigue and supports mental function.
  • Myo-Inositol: Elevate ovarian function and enhance egg quality naturally, fostering a regular menstrual cycle and hormonal equilibrium.


  • One sachet of Cycle Balance, dissolved in a glass of water, taken daily ensures you're on the path to harmonized hormones.
Carolyn 29/11/2023

If you dealing with polycystic ovary syndrome such as me, Cycle Balance sachets is a relief. It has improved my ovarian health and hormonal balance. I've been taking one sachet daily as recommended, and it's been beneficial in releaving my symptoms.

Camilla 28/11/2023

I've been using Cycle Balance sachets to support my fertility journey, and I'm impressed by the results so far. The combination of Myo-inositol and Folic acid has aided in regulating my menstrual cycle and optimizing ovulation.

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