Cynarix coated tablets x 60

Cynarix coated tablets x 60

Cynarix coated tablets
Cynarix Dragees | herbal medicinal product
For long-term treatment of chronic digestive complaints
Active ingredient
Standardized artichoke extract
Improvement of the digestion of fats - liver protection - lipid-decreasing effect
Flatulence and bloatedness are often the result of malfunctioning digestion of fats. The standardized extract of artichoke leaves enhances the accumulation of bile and reinforces the secretion of pancreatic enzymes, essential to digestion.
Areas of application
• For treatment of digestive complaints and flatulence after hard-to-digest or fatty meals, particularly when associated with complaints of the biliary tracts
• Adjuvant treatment of fat metabolism disturbances
• Supportive effect for slightly heightened cholesterol levels
• For general therapeutic measures, a supportive treatment for liver illnesses
• After-treatment, following a removal of the gallbladder (cholecystectomy)
Cynarix dragee treatment provides relief for your symptoms:
• 82% less bloatedness
• 76% less flatulence
• 69% less heartburn
• 76% less obstipation
• 86% less diarrhea
3 times daily, 1-2 dragees

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