Cystostop Rapid 1100mg: Your Rapid Relief for Urinary Discomfort (30 Tablets)

Cystostop Rapid 1100mg: Your Rapid Relief for Urinary Discomfort (30 Tablets)

Cystostop Rapid is your go-to solution for acute urinary discomfort, specifically designed for conditions like cystitis, pyelonephritis, and urethritis. This potent formula is most effective in the initial phase of the disease, swiftly addressing the earliest symptoms such as pain, burning sensations, cloudy urine, and painful, frequent urination.

Triple Action Formula:

Harnessing the power of American cranberry, birch leaves, and D-mannose, Cystostop Rapid provides a triple combination with diuretic, antibacterial, and antiseptic effects. This dynamic blend supports the normal functioning of the bladder, urinary tract, and kidneys, ensuring comprehensive relief.

Key Benefits:

  • Prevents Bacterial Attachment: The cranberry component boasts a unique adhesive effect on the bacterium E. coli, the main culprit of cystitis. By preventing the attachment of disease-causing bacteria to the urinary tract and bladder walls, cranberry becomes a vital ally in combating inflammatory diseases.
  • Birch Leaf Extract: Birch leaves contribute by assisting the body in fighting pathogenic bacteria and improving the elimination of these bacteria from the urinary tract. With strong diuretic action and detoxifying effects, birch extract promotes the removal of excess fluid and metabolic waste products.
  • D-Mannose Immune Boost: D-Mannose, a natural component of urinary tract macro molecules, forms complexes with pathogenic bacteria. This complex is easily expelled from the bladder during urination, providing effective treatment for urinary tract diseases. Additionally, D-Mannose strengthens the immune system.

Usage Instructions:

First Two Days:

  • Take 2 tablets every 2-3 hours for a total of 6 doses of 2 tablets per day.

Third Day:

  • Take Cystostop Rapid 3 times a day with 2 tablets each time.

Day I: 6 times x 2 tablets

Day II: 6 times x 2 tablets

Day III: 3 times x 2 tablets

For Urinary Issues Related to Sexual Intercourse:

  • Take 2 tablets of Cystostop Rapid half to one hour before sexual intercourse. Ensure you urinate immediately after the act for optimal results.

100% Natural Ingredients:

Cystostop Rapid is crafted with exclusively natural ingredients, ensuring a holistic and safe approach to urinary tract health.

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