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Daktarin Oral Gel x40g: Your Zesty Solution for Oral Thrush!

Daktarin Oral Gel x40g: Your Zesty Solution for Oral Thrush!
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Daktarin Oral Gel x40g: Your Zesty Solution for Oral Thrush!
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  • Brand: Janssen-Cilag
  • Model: Daktarin-Oral-Gel-40g
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  • Dimensions: 10.00cm x 10.00cm x 10.00cm
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Say goodbye to the discomfort of oral thrush with the vibrant and effective Daktarin Oral Gel! This orange-tasting gel is not just a medication; it's your ticket to a soothing, pain-free mouth.


Key Features:

  •  Contains Miconazole: The superhero ingredient that kicks fungal and bacterial infections to the curb.
  •  Treats Oral Thrush: Banish those white, yellow, or cream spots with the power of Daktarin.
  •  Fights Fungus & Bacteria: Takes on the tag team responsible for thrush growth.
  •  Soothes Infections: Experience relief from soreness, burning, and irritation.
  •  Prevents Recurring Infections: Keep thrush at bay and enjoy long-lasting relief.


Daktarin Oral Gel isn't just effective – it's also a breeze to use! With its pleasant flavor, it's easy to swallow and makes treating oral thrush an orange-flavored delight. Suitable for almost all ages, it's your go-to solution for oral infections.


Pharmacist Tips:

  •  Safe for All Ages: Whether you're a baby, child, or adult, Daktarin is your ally against oral thrush.
  •  Combats Side Effects: Perfect for thrush triggered by antibiotics or conditions like diabetes.
  •  Best After Meals: Take Daktarin Oral Gel after eating for maximum effectiveness.
  • Pharmacist Recommended: Trust the experts for a happier, healthier mouth.


How to Enjoy the Zesty Relief:

1️⃣ Break the Seal: Use the tube's lid to unveil the magic.

2️⃣ Clean Application: With clean hands, apply a small amount to the affected area.

3️⃣ Leisurely Swish: Keep the gel in your mouth for as long as possible before swallowing.

4️⃣ Denture Care: Remove dentures at night, brush with Daktarin for added protection.


For All Ages:

  • Children (4 months - 6 years): Apply twice daily to the front of the mouth.
  • Adults: Take a spoonful up to four times a day for oropharyngeal infestations.

Remember, the relief doesn't stop when symptoms clear – continue use for up to two days after. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Don't let oral thrush dim your smile. Choose Daktarin Oral Gel for a zesty, pain-free mouth and say hello to a brighter, happier you!

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