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Claritin Syrup 120ml

Claritin (claritine) Allergy 1mg / ml syrup 120mlIMPORTANT: (EXPIRY DATE: 31.08.2020)• Claritin..

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Enterol 12 Capsules

Enterol x 12 capsules, enterol 250 mg• Enterol (enterol 250 mg ) acting formulation is based on..

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Enterol x 20 sachets

Enterol x 20 sachets• Indications for use Enterol capsules are: bacterial diarrhea, running wit..

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Fervex For Children Sugar Free 8 Sachets

FERVEX FOR CHILDREN SUGAR FREE 8 SachetsIMPORTANT: (EXPIRY DATE: 31.03.2020)Fervex Children is ..

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Otipax Ear Drops 15ml

OTIPAX EAR DROPSWhat is Otipax Ear?Otipax Ear Drops is used for Pain, Ear pain due to infection, Fev..

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Parodontax Classic 75 ml

Parodontax Classic 75 ml, parodontax toothpaste• Parodontax is a paste containing a unique comb..

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Trachisan Lozenges 3 packs x 20 (60 tablets)

Trachisan Lozenges 3 packs x 20 (60 tablets)Trachisan Lozenges/Pastilles *20What is Trachisan and wh..

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Zdrave cream 30 g

The cream provides effective soothing and softening of sensitive skin. It creates protective film ag..

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