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Delmar Sensitive Nasal Spray: Natural Relief with Aloe Vera (50ml)

Delmar Sensitive Nasal Spray: Natural Relief with Aloe Vera (50ml)
Delmar Sensitive Nasal Spray: Natural Relief with Aloe Vera (50ml)
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Discover Delmar Sensitive Nasal Spray, a natural solution enriched with Aloe Vera leaf extract, designed to provide fast relief and lasting moisture for irritated nasal mucosa. With its steroid-free formula and soothing properties, this nasal spray offers gentle care for sensitive noses, helping to restore normal nasal function and alleviate discomfort.

Key Features:

  • Fast relief that lasts up to 12 hours.
  • Natural nasal spray made with Mediterranean sea salt.
  • Each bottle provides a standard dose with approximately 350 doses.
  • Free from steroids and drugs for gentle use.
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera leaf extract for anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating effects.
  • Moisturizes and soothes irritated nasal mucosa, restoring normal function.
  • Suitable for adults and children from birth.
  • Ideal for dry nasal mucosa, sensitive or irritated nasal passages, and dryness due to travel or air-conditioned environments.
  • Can be used for daily nasal hygiene or prior to prescribed nasal treatments.


  • For adults and children: Spray one or two doses in each nostril, a few times a day, while slowly breathing in through the nose.
  • For children under one year: Spray one dose in each nostril, a few times a day as needed.


  • For nasal use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
  • Consult a doctor for children under one year old.

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