Dentinox Gel Teething Aid 10g

Dentinox Gel Teething Aid 10g

Dentinox Gel Teething Aid 10g

Dentinox Gel Teething Aid with chamomile tincture has a local pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect and soothes irritated gums.

Dentinox Gel Teething Aid contains local pain relievers in baby-friendly doses and an anti-inflammatory and wound-healing extract from chamomile flowers. Dentinox alleviates discomfort when the first teeth appear. If necessary, it can be used up to the penetration of all the deciduous teeth and the later molars. Dentinox is sugar-free with caries-neutral sugar substitutes (xylitol, sorbitol).


In case of pain and at the first signs of teething as well as when the first teeth break through and there is resulting inflammation and irritation of the gums.


1g contains:

150 mg chamomile tincture, 3.4 mg lidocaine hydrochloride monohydrate, 3.2 mg polidocanol 600 (macrogollauryl ether), 100 mg sorbitol solution 70%, propylene glycol.

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