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Bryonia D6 Globuli 10g

Bryonia D6 Globuli 10g• Discomfort after hot days, especially if the weather was cool prior to then•..

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Cinnabsin tablets 60

CINNABSIN, TABLETES 60, DHUFor treatment of acute and chronic rhinosinusitis.Ingredients:• Cinnabari..

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Coldisept Nano Silver Ear Drops 15ml

Coldisept Nano Silver Ear Drops 15mlColdisept Nano Silver Ear Drops is a medical device in the ..

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Coldisept Nano Silver Nasal Spray 20ml

Coldisept Nano Silver Nasal Spray 20mlColdisept Nano Silver Nasal Spray is a medical device in ..

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Coldisept Nano Silver Throat Spray 20ml

Coldisept Nano Silver Throat Spray 20mlColdisept Nano Silver throat spray is a medical device i..

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Colikind Oral Drops 20ml For Infantile Colic

Colikind Oral Drops 20ml For Infantile ColicColikind is a homeopathic medicine for young childr..

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Dentokind 150 tablets

DENTOKIND 150 TABLETES, DHUFor teething symptoms such as irritability, restlessness, earaches,painfu..

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Dormikind 150 tablets

DORMIKIND, 150 TABLETS, DHUFor restlessness and sleep disorders in babies and children.Ingredients:•..

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Gastritol Oral Liquid 20ml

Gastritol Oral liquid 20ml bloating, flat stomachGastritol bloating, flat stomachcalms the stomach, ..

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Gastrokind 150 tablets

GASTROKIND, TABLETES X 150, DHUFor treatment of gastrointestinal functional disorders in infants and..

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Immunokind 150 tablets

IMMUNOKIND, 150 TABLETS, DHUTo increase organism’s resistance and for prophylaxis of frequent and re..

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Influcid tablets 40

INFLUCID, TABLETES 40, DHUFor treatment and prevention of feverish flu-like infections and other acu..

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Influnasal Nasal Spray 20ml

Influnasal Nasal Spray 20mlThis product of the German Homeopathic Union DHU is a homeopathic medicin..

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Kindinorm 10 g globul

KINDINORM, 10 g, GLOBUL, DHUFor behavioural disorders in children and adults with attention and conc..

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Prostamed 120 Chewable Tablets

Prostamed 120 Chewable TabletsType: Bladder, Kidney, Urinary TractApplication:strengthening of the b..

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