Dologel 25 ml

Dologel 25 ml

Dologel is a massage gel for gums based on natural active ingredients and designed to provide relief of symptoms caused by teething in babies and infants, as well as relief for gums inflammation and gums discomfort.

Dologel contains natural ingredients: Chamomile reduces inflammation and gums hyperaemia, Propolis soothes pain, provides relief from inflammation and also disinfects the gums, while Valeriana has a calming effect. Unlike other local anaesthetic gels, Dologel does not contain lidocaine or any other synthetic painkiller, that’s why Dologel is safe for infants and babies, the baby’s system is not strained.

Dologel is a great synergy of the active ingredients' properties for gentle massages of the gums.

How to use Dologel?

Wash your hands thoroughly and place a small quantity of gel on the tip of your finger. Rub it on the gums or other painful areas of the mouth. Repeat the application up to 5 times per day. 

Dologel is alcohol-free and sugar-free, so it does not harm the developing teeth and it has a pleasant flavour, so babies are happy to be treated with Dologel.

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