Doppelherz Active For Hair And Nails 30 Tablets

Doppelherz Active For Hair And Nails 30 Tablets

Doppelherz Active For Hair And Nails 30 Tablets

Product Description

Nutritional supplement containing a complex of effective ingredients that strengthen and nourish the hair and nails and contribute to their full growth. The Dopelhertz hair and nail formula is suitable for hair loss, brittle and soft nails, loss of vitality and shine of the hair, as well as damage to the hair during treatment (coloring, perming, drying). Doppelherz Active for hair and nails contains natural extract of millet seeds, wheat germ oil and added zinc, biotic, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid and honey, which act synergistically to achieve healthy and vital hair and nails. Millet seed extract and wheat germ oil provide valuable nutrients to the body, which stimulate hair and nail growth. Zinc is involved in cell division, which contributes to the healing and growth of hair. Pantothenic acid provides the energy needed for cell growth. Biotin is a key element for healthy and beautiful hair and nails. It stimulates hair growth and promotes the synthesis of the main element in the hair structure – the protein keratin. Honey maintains hair color.

How to use:

Take 1 capsule daily with plenty of liquid without chewing the capsule.

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