Doppelherz Active Hepabalance 30 Capsules

Doppelherz Active Hepabalance 30 Capsules

Doppelherz Active Hepabalance 30 Capsules

Product Description

Doppelherz Active Hepabalance for good digestion, supports the activity of the liver and gallbladder, 30 capsules.

Food supplement from Doppelherz, containing natural extracts of artichoke and milk thistle, which improves digestion and supports the functions of the liver and bile. Hepabalance helps with various gastrointestinal problems, such as constipation, bloating, etc., while protecting the liver and helping it get rid of toxins, taken through an unbalanced diet, alcohol intake, harmful foods and more. The effective complex of natural ingredients improves the body’s liver function, supports the digestive system and improves peristalsis. Artichoke leaves contain a large amount of the bioflavonoid cinnarine, which, due to its antioxidant action, protects cells from oxidative stress and the harmful effects of free radicals. Cinnarine also stimulates bile production and facilitates peristalsis. Milk thistle fruits, in turn, contain a large amount of flavonolignans, of which the valuable silymarin. Silymarin also has strong antioxidant properties and plays an important role in metabolism. It normalizes blood cholesterol levels and benefits the liver and bile, while favoring the body fight certain toxins, such as alcohol. The combination of milk thistle extract and artichoke extract effectively supports the digestive system and liver activity.

How to use:

Take 3 capsules daily with meals, with plenty of fluids.

Do not chew.

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