Doppelherz Active Magnesium Sport Direct 20 Sachets

Doppelherz Active Magnesium Sport Direct 20 Sachets

Doppelherz Active Magnesium Sport Direct 20 Sachets

Product Description:

Doppelherz Active Sport Direct provides you with a specially developed combination of minerals, trace elements, and B vitamins, especially important for exercise and sports. It contains the right combination of nutrients for active athletes, which complements a balanced diet, helps meet increased needs, and helps active people stay productive. In the form of convenient sachets that can be taken anywhere!


For active athletes

Maximum absorption and fast action

In case of muscle cramps

With added trace elements and B-vitamins

New form: micropellets – direct intake, without water, at any time

With a taste of orange and mango

Exercise not only increases the body’s needs for energy sources, but also its needs for certain minerals (such as magnesium), trace elements (such as iron, zinc, chromium, manganese, molybdenum), and B vitamins. This is due to increased muscle activity, and the fact that some of these nutrients are lost through sweating.

Thanks to the innovative form of micro granules, the levels of all important nutrients are restored as quickly as possible after training. The microgranules dissolve in seconds and are easily taken, anywhere and anytime, without water.

Doppelherz Active Sport Direct Ingredients:

Vitamin B1: 2.8 mg

Vitamin B2: 3.2 mg

Vitamin B6: 4 mg

Vitamin B12: 2 µg

Calcium: 200 mg

Magnesium: 250 mg

Iron: 2.5 mg

Zinc: 5 µg

Honey: 300 µg

Manganese: 0.5 µg

Selenium: 15 µg

Chromium: 15 µg

Molybdenum: 25 µg

Iodine: 50 µg


Take one sachet of Doppelherz Active Sport Direct daily. Open the package and pour the contents on the tongue.

The contents of the sachet are poured directly into the mouth on the tongue. This way, the action of the active ingredients is faster and more effective.

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