Doppelherz Active Meno + Hyaluronic Acid 30 Tablets

Doppelherz Active Meno + Hyaluronic Acid 30 Tablets

Doppelherz Active Meno + Hyaluronic Acid: Nourishing Wellness for Menopausal Women

Product Overview:

Doppelherz Active Meno + Hyaluronic Acid, comprising 30 tablets, is a meticulously curated blend catering to the health and vitality of menopausal women. This hormone-free formulation, rooted in plant extracts, stands out for its proven quality and effectiveness, securing its position among the leaders in the non-hormonal menopausal product category in Germany. Experience the delicate period of menopause with confidence and embrace an active life filled with freedom!

Key Features:

  • Natural phytoestrogens, calcium, and vitamins: A specialized combination supporting normal muscle, bone, tooth, skin, and mucous membrane functions.
  • Hyaluronic acid: Enhances skin hydration and elasticity, promoting a radiant appearance.
  • Hormonal activity regulation: A blend designed to address menopausal symptoms and promote overall well-being.
  • Nervous and cardiovascular system support: Strengthening key bodily systems to ensure resilience.
  • Relief from menopausal symptoms: Alleviating common discomfort associated with menopause.

Ingredients and Benefits:

  • Soy isoflavonoids: Proven to reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flashes, delay bone mineral loss, and support normal nervous system function.
  • Calcium and vitamin D3: Essential for optimal muscle, bone, and teeth function.
  • Vitamin B6: Regulates hormonal activity.
  • Biotin and vitamin B2: Maintain skin and mucous membrane health.
  • Folic acid, vitamin B2, B6, and B12: Reduce feelings of fatigue and tiredness.

Hyaluronic Acid Contribution:

  • 3 mg of hyaluronic acid: Vital for skin hydration, maintaining turgor, and preserving a fresh appearance.

Dosage Instructions:

  • Take 1 tablet daily with a meal, accompanied by plenty of fluids. Do not chew for optimal efficacy.

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