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Doppelherz Active Restful Sleep Plus 20 Tablets

Doppelherz Active Restful Sleep Plus 20 Tablets

Doppelherz Active Restful Sleep Plus 20 Tablets

Product Description

Doppelherz Active Restful Sleep Plus is a combination, which can help restore proper sleep and rest for people under stress or who are suffering from fatigue or a lack of sleep. Easily fall asleep and maintain a good night’s sleep. Pleasant feeling when waking up. Suitable for people under stress and those who suffer from chronic insomnia.


Selected plant extracts to facilitate sleep – hops, lemon balm, lavender

With magnesium and vitamin B6 to maintain normal nervous system function and reduce the feelings of fatigue and tiredness

Melatonin – proven to reduce sleep time, and also contributes to the easier adaptation of the body to changing time zones when travelling.


Hop blossom extract: 200 mg

Lemon balm leaf extract: 100 mg

Lavender extract: 30 mg

Melatonin: 1 mg

Magnesium: 56.3 mg

Vitamin B6: 0.4 mg


1 capsule Doppelherz Active Restful Sleep in the evening after meals, 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

Do not chew.

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