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Dulcolax x30 Tablets

Dulcolax x30 Tablets
Dulcolax x30 Tablets
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  • Brand: Sanofi
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Discover effective relief from constipation with Dulcolax tablets, a trusted medicinal product designed to promote comfortable and regular bowel movements.

Formulated with the active substance bisacodyl, Dulcolax acts as a local laxative, stimulating intestinal peristalsis and softening hard stools for easier passage.


  • Each Dulcolax tablet contains 5mg of bisacodyl, ensuring consistent and reliable relief from constipation.


  • For Adults and Children Over 10 Years:
    • Take 1-2 tablets (5-10mg) daily, swallowed whole with an appropriate amount of liquid in the evening to induce defecation the next morning.

  • For Children Aged 4-10 Years:
    • Take 1 tablet (5mg) daily, swallowed whole with liquid in the evening.

Please Note:

  • Avoid taking Dulcolax for more than 8-10 days without medical supervision.
  • Do not take Dulcolax tablets with products that reduce the acidity of the upper gastrointestinal tract, such as milk, antacids, or certain proton pump inhibitors, as this may affect their efficacy.

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