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Duphalac Syrup x200ml

Duphalac Syrup x200ml
Duphalac Syrup x200ml
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  • Brand: Mylan
  • Model: Duphalac-Syrup-200ml
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Introducing Duphalac Syrup, a trusted solution for relieving constipation and promoting comfortable bowel movements. This medicinal product, in the form of an aqueous solution, features a special formulation with the laxative lactulose, offering gentle and effective relief for individuals experiencing difficult bowel movements or the presence of dry and hard stools.


  • Each 1000ml of Duphalac syrup contains 667g of lactulose, ensuring consistent and reliable relief from constipation.


Recommended Daily Dosage for Constipation:

  • For Adults:
    • Initial dose: 15-45 ml, followed by maintenance dose: 15-30 ml

  • For Children Aged 7-14 Years:
    • Initial dose: 15 ml, followed by maintenance dose: 10-15 ml

  • For Children Aged 1-6 Years:
    • Initial and maintenance dose: 5-10 ml

  • For Infants:
    • Initial and maintenance dose: up to 5 ml

Please Note:

  • Use of laxatives in children, infants, and newborns should be done exceptionally and under medical supervision, as it may affect normal feces excretion.
  • Do not administer Duphalac to children under 14 years without consulting a doctor for prescription and medical supervision.

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